How to make slime glue (2022)

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Slime is a popular toy that kids of all ages love, and it’s easy to make your own slime using just a few simple ingredients. If you’re looking for an easy and fun project to do with your children, slime is a great option!


To make slime glue, you will need:

-Clear water
-Elmer’s glue
-Food coloring (optional)

1. In a clear container, pour water and Elmer’s glue. Stir until the glue is dissolved.
2. Add jellybeans and food coloring, if desired.
3. Let the slime dry for about an hour.
4. Enjoy your new slime!

Note: You may need to add more water or glue to get the desired consistency.


If you’ve ever wanted to make your own slime but were scared of the mess, this tutorial is for you! Slime glue is a simple and easy way to create colorful goo that’s perfect for making crafts or silly plays. Follow these easy steps and you’ll have a batch of slime on hand in no time.

Photo by Triana Nana on Unsplash

1. Fill a bowl with water and add food coloring.
2. Cut some polyethylene glycol (PEG) into small pieces and add them to the water.
3. Add the slime mixture to a spoon or your hands and mix well.
4. The slime will be thick and sticky, so use fingers or a spoon to form balls and place them on a flat surface.
5. Let the slime dry for about an hour before playing with it.

Enjoy your new slime!


If you have ever wanted to make your own slime, but didn’t know how or where to start, this guide is for you! We will teach you the basics of making slime using just a few ingredients and some basic supplies. Whether you are looking to create a fun project for friends or want to use it in creative ways at home, learning how to make slime is an easy way to get started. So be sure to read through this guide and let us know what you think in the comments below!