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How to change a tire on a bike

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Tires are one of the most important parts of a bike, and they need to be replaced regularly to ensure your ride is safe. This guide will teach you how to change a tire on a bike, including step-by-step instructions and photos.

Open the hood

1. Remove the four screws that hold the fan shroud in place.
2. Remove the two screws that hold the air filter cover in place.
3. Gently pull the air filter cover off of the engine.
4. Lift the tire off of the rim and set it aside.
5.Remove the six screws that hold the tire on to the wheel.
6. Push down on one end of the tire so it pops off of the rim.
7.Carefully remove the old tire and replace it with a new one. \ n 8.Replace the six screws and fan shroud and air filter cover and tighten them up

Blog section: What you’ll need

To change a tire on a bike, you’ll need:

-A pair of sturdy work gloves
-A jack or sturdy stool
-A spare tire
-An Allen wrench (or similar size screwdriver)
-A flathead screwdriver
-A spoke wrench (if needed)
-Tire irons (if needed)
-Wheel alignment tool (if needed)
-Cordless drill/driver
-High speed wire cutters
-Pipe cleaner

Locate the wheel

1. Park the bike on a flat surface.
2. Remove the front wheel.
3. Remove the tire and wheel assembly.
4. Locate the valve stem on the wheel hub.
5. Loosen the wheel bolts until they’re slightly loose, but don’t take them off yet.
6. Insert a tire lever between the wheel and hub and use your other hand to turn the wheel counterclockwise (if it’s an alloy wheel) or clockwise (if it’s a steel wheel) until it comes off of the hub.
7. Hold onto the rim of the newly installed tire and use your other hand to remove the old wheel and tire assembly from the bike, taking care not to drop either item.
8. Install the new wheel and tire assembly by reversing steps 5-7. Be sure to tighten all of the wheel bolts before riding back out on the road!

Photo by Obi – @pixel6propix on Unsplash

Remove the tire

You will need:
-Tire levers
-Pipe wrench
-Wheel nut wrench

Step 1: Remove the wheel from the bike.
Step 2: Remove the tire from the rim.
Step 3: Remove the screw that attaches the tire to the rim.
Step 4: Pry off the old valve stem with a pipe wrench.
Step 5: Insert a new valve stem into the hole in the tire.
Step 6: Insert a screw into the hole in the rim and tighten it with a wheel nut wrench.
Step 7: Replace the wheel and tire on the bike.

Unscrew the wheel

If the bike is parked on a flat surface, remove the front wheel. If the bike is parked on an incline, first remove the rear wheel.

1. Loosen the lug nuts by hand and remove the wheel. Tip it so that any water or grease that has collected in the spokes can escape and wipe off any dirt or debris on the hub, rotor, rim and/or spokes with a cloth.

2. If your bike has quick-release skewers, pull them out and set them aside for now. If not, insert a screwdriver into one end of each skewer and twist it counterclockwise to loosen it from the hub. Remove both skewers.

3. Place a folded towel or carpet under the hub to catch any falling parts and unscrew the axle from the hub using a 14mm wrench (or a hex key).

4. If your bike has a cassette, remove it by rotating it anti-clockwise two turns then simultaneously unscrewing each cog using a 10mm wrench (or hex key).

5. Wipe off all moving parts with a clean cloth then replace any parts you removed. Reattach any

Replace the tire

If you need to replace a tire on your bike, there are a few things you’ll need:
-A bike with a rim brake or disc brake
-Lug wrench
-Puncture repair kit
-Tire levers (or a partner to help lever the tire off the rim)
-New tire
-Rack or stand to put the bike on
-Spare tube

Here’s how to do it:
1.Remove the wheel from the bike.
2.Remove the axle from the wheel.
3.Remove the spokes from the wheel.
4.Remove the tire and tube from the wheel.
5.Install new tire and tube in reverse order of removal.